Inland Empire Home Health

Patient/Family Testimonials

"What I really appreciated was Maria's commitment to my recovery. She encouraged me to work hard and think positive about recovery. There was always room for one more extra push and one more extra set of ten. Sometimes I wanted to give up but Maria's persistence and gentle prodding got me through the workouts. As a result, I believe I have made outstanding improvement in my recovery from surgery." - C.M.

"To know someone checked on my husband and I got the answers to all my concerns to care for him right. Michelle put together and trained me with the new Accu-check. Thank you so very much, Michelle. May God bless you all." - Emmi

"I really felt that this is a company that tries to put the patient ahead of the dollar. Thank you." - Francis

"John was my physical therapist and was very understanding, efficient and always gave me a good work out. I would recommend him to anyone who needs him." - Rose

"If an exercise was too difficult or uncomfortable to do, the therapist gave me another using the same muscles but in a different position that worked for me." - Beverly